Year: 2017


Nowadays, it is also becoming more well-known that men go through their own version of menopause—for them, the midlife change is known as andropause. In andropause, men experience many of the same symptoms women in menopause feel: fatigue, depression, irritability,…

Estrogen Hormones

Everyone has heard of estrogen, and most people know it as a hormone that plays an important role in a woman’s body. More than just a hormone driving a woman’s romantic interests, estrogen has more than 400 different functions.

Estrogen Imbalances hormone therapies

Hormone replacement therapy is about returning balance to the hormones in your body. When your hormones are out of balance (particularly estrogen imbalances), you will develop a range of uncomfortable symptoms. But those symptoms, when left unattended, can sometimes be…

Estrogen | Dr. Arnold

If you are a woman entering or in menopause, you no doubt have been dealing with changing levels of the estrogens in your body. Well, welcome to what my patients, staff, and I affectionately call “The Best Me Club.”

Progesterone | Pregnancy

Often, if a woman is able to conceive, but has trouble carrying to term, it’s because of progesterone production. Progesterone is the main female reproductive system hormone and it plays a vital role in fetal development during pregnancy. It prepares…

On Sue’s first visit to Signature Hormones, her symptoms ranged from hot flashes, brain fog, and irritability to night sweats, decreased libido, and weight gain due to menopause.

Progesterone after birth hormone

Louise was 34 and pregnant with her second child when she came to visit me for relief from worsening depression. She had experienced mild postpartum depression (PPD) following her first delivery three years prior, but had taken no medication for…


Slowing down in later years is part of the aging process. But sometimes there’s another culprit behind the decline people feel—hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormone to keep your body operating at…

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