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Our goal is to first identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and then treat you with natural, bio-identical hormones that your body has receptors for.

“Dr. Arnold gave me hope when I thought there wasn’t any. I found him exceptionally caring, compassionate, patient and reassuring. He always took time to address my concerns and I always felt like he cared about my well-being. I’m truly blessed to have him as my doctor.”

Sheila, Hormone Therapy Patient

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Dr. George Arnold has made it his life’s work to provide relief to women suffering from peri-menopause and menopause through natural, bio-identical hormone therapies. As a recognized authority on the subject, Dr. Arnold is in demand as a lecturer and speaker at events across Canada and the United States.

Feel Your Best, Live Your Best:

A natural return to hormone balance

As more women, just like you, take control of their own health and seek out clinics and practitioners to work with, it is important to select someone with a proven record of success. Dr. George Arnold has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for 24 years. Over that time, Dr. Arnold has amassed a tremendous body of knowledge and experience in treating women experiencing the stress and discomfort of peri-menopause and menopause.

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Periandropause – Perimenopause for Men

Periandropause – Perimenopause for Men

Nowadays, it is also becoming more well-known that men go through their own version of menopause—for them, the midlife change is known as andropause. In andropause, men experience many of the same symptoms women in menopause feel: fatigue, depression, irritability,...

Estrogen—The Power of Three

Estrogen—The Power of Three

Everyone has heard of estrogen, and most people know it as a hormone that plays an important role in a woman’s body. More than just a hormone driving a woman’s romantic interests, estrogen has more than 400 different functions. Among its functions: to regulate body...

The Negative Impact of Estrogen Imbalances

The Negative Impact of Estrogen Imbalances

Hormone replacement therapy is about returning balance to the hormones in your body. When your hormones are out of balance (particularly estrogen imbalances), you will develop a range of uncomfortable symptoms. But those symptoms, when left unattended, can sometimes...

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