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Many women suffer through the symptoms of menopause, unable to find relief. Hot flashes. Night sweats. Mood swings. Memory issues. Weight gain.

Sound familiar?

My goal is to first identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and then treat you with natural, bio-identical hormones that your body has receptors for to relieve or alleviate your symptoms.

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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Arnold gave me hope when I thought there wasn’t any. I found him exceptionally caring, compassionate, patient and reassuring. He always took time to address my concerns and I always felt like he cared about my well-being. I’m truly blessed to have him as my doctor.”

— Sheila, Hormone Therapy Patient


“My former self has been reawakened… With Dr. Arnold, I got what I was looking for— a treatment that is designed for what I need based on science.”

— Maria, Hormone Therapy Patient

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