Finding a Solution: Vaginal Atrophy and Menopause

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Not exactly what you want to live with. There are 2 categories of treatment available, you can treat the symptom or treat the cause. Most of the over-the-counter gels and moisturizers treat the symptom. This means that as long as you continue to use it, it can help. Some of these will help, some won’t. It is common to need something stronger than what is available over the counter. To treat the underlying cause, the thinning of the cell layer, you need to use something to stimulate this layer to grow.

There are 2 options to thicken the cell layer in your vagina and in your bladder. You can use estrogen – available in cream or tablet form. This can also be compounded as a bioidentical hormone cream. As long as you continue to use the estrogen, you will experience relief. But if you stop using the estrogen your symptoms will come back.

Enter new technology laser radiofrequency. Both of these new treatments stimulate the cell layer in your vagina and bladder to thicken and relieve your symptoms. The big advantage to you is that with a minimum of 3 treatments, typically done 4 to 6 weeks apart, you can stop with your creams and the mess. One touch-up treatment anywhere from 6 months to yearly is then required to maintain the improvement.

Safe, effective, simple … and no down time.

The MonaLisa Touch therapy is offered at my practice, with women like Sharon finding success in the treatment. You can read more about Sharon’s experience here.

“The MonaLisa Touch therapy uses a unique vaginal probe to deliver a gentle fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue. The laser energy targets the atrophic vaginal mucosa by stimulating a metabolic reaction and neocollagenesis. This results in increased vascularization, elastin and collagen which means increased moisture and lubrication in the vagina.”[1]

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