Patient Story – Sherri

When I first became a patient of Dr. Arnold’s, just over one year ago at age 54, I was experiencing numerous symptoms that were negatively impacting my quality of life. Over the previous three years, my eyes were red and watery (even after a good sleep), I was fatigued, anxious, had a catch in my throat, insomnia, joint pain and periods of digestive upset. Upon meeting Dr. Arnold, I instantly felt comfortable; he patiently listened and took time to answer all my questions and give me his recommendations.

As a functional nutritionist of 13 years, I strongly believe that an approach, where the root causes of symptoms are addressed and supported, is fundamental to optimal health. I had sought a functional doctor who would compliment and build upon the efforts I had been making to improve my health through nutrition, supplementation, stress reduction and exercise. Dr. Arnold has been a perfect match!

Dr. Arnold ordered extensive blood work that gave us insights about what was going on inside my body. He ever so patiently took time to help me understand the findings, as well as outline an individualized plan moving forward. Based on my results Dr. Arnold prescribed bio-identical hormones and other medication that very specifically supported what my body required to become stronger, healthier and vibrant.

Improvement was slow and steady and after just over one year I now feel strong, have energy and my symptoms are almost entirely gone. My blood results have shown outstanding improvement to scientifically validate my improvement. Specifically, my cholesterol panel, C-Reactive Protein and thyroid T4/T3 conversion. Dr. Arnold is now supporting me as I take steps to improve my thyroid function. His expertise has given me great comfort, and I feel very grateful to have met this wonderful and caring man.


Sherri Siegrist

Thank you to Sherri for sharing her story with us.

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