Patient Story: Jo-Anne Binns

My name is Jo-Anne Binns, I’ll be 55 next week.

I started taking bio identical hormones in my 40’s having peri-menopausal symptoms. I originally heard about these safe hormones via Oprah and Suzanne Somers raving about them in television interviews and subsequently reading and researching endlessly. My symptoms were:

sense of hopelessness
no libido

I suffered with extreme abdominal pain which went undiagnosed for over 4 years. I eventually found a wonderful Endometriosis Doctor suggesting exploratory laparoscopic surgery. I had two surgeries and was finally diagnosed with fibroids, ovarian cysts, adenomyosis and endometriosis. After several years of pain and this diagnosis, I agreed to a complete hysterectomy including removing  my ovaries.

I literally woke up the morning post surgery in the hospital with total body joint pain from my neck to my toes. Seems removal of one’s ovaries will place you directly into menopause.

Dr. Arnold saw me and immediately adjusted and re-prescribed appropriate bio-identical hormones and within no time (less than a week) I was feeling amazing and have felt like my old self ever since. It was as though a light switch had finally been turned on.

Now my symptoms are:

no joint pain
no hot flashes
no sleepless nights or night sweats
no depression
no headaches
lots of energy
libido is back
no weight gain

Friends complain about hot flashes, depression, no energy wondering how I feel so energetic and don’t have these horrible symptoms of menopause. I tell anyone that will listen how bio-identical hormones will change your life and in some cases, give you your life back again.

I met a woman well into  her 80’s while waiting for meds in a compounding pharmacy… she was feeling so good and had been her entire life due to bio-identical hormones. Without asking I guess she felt the need to let me in on her secret and how her bio-identical hormones gave her vitality and a feeling of well-being non of her friends felt.

How amazing I thought, but guess what, I’m already in on the secret.

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