Hormones 101

For something we all have and deal with daily, there’s a lot of misunderstanding around the topic of hormones. What are we talking about when we reference our hormones?

There’s of course Hollywood’s take, often using it as the reason someone – typically a woman – is irrational, dramatic or emotional. The fact is however, both men and women have hormones, and they are very much a part of feeling stable and rational every day.

So, What Are Hormones?

Well, a hormone is a chemical substance produced by the body that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells and organs. All of your hormones interact with each other – this is crucial in order to successfully operate. To feel great and to be healthy, your hormones must function like a symphony orchestra, playing together and in tune. However, like instruments in an orchestra, if out of tune things don’t sound great, if hormones are not balanced, you will experience undesirable symptoms. It’s easy to take smoothly operating hormones for granted. It’s inevitable though, imbalance occurs and…

Change Happens

Your hormone levels will change throughout your lifetime – you can count on that. There can be a number of factors that influence the amount of a particular hormone. Take estrogen for instance: there are estrogen receptors in your brain, muscles, bone, bladder, intestines, uterus, vagina, breasts, eyes, heart, lungs and blood vessels. Estrogen also plays a role in temperature regulation, helps prevent muscle damage and maintains muscles, helps regulate blood pressure, enhances energy, improves mood and increases sex drive or libido.

That’s a lot. A lot of critical elements of life that, if altered, can leave women, and often men, feeling frustrated, depressed and just not themselves. That’s where hormone replacement therapy comes into play. As we age our hormones change, and some may come close to disappearing. In order to restore balance and feel great again, individuals seek help from certified physicians who can help them feel like themselves again (and in some cases better than they’ve felt in a long time).

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